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Do you own a vacant Home? Perhaps you have purchased a home that needs some work before you move in, or maybe you are trying to flip a home you have purchased. Or maybe you have inherited a home and have no plans for it yet. I any event, if the home you own is vacant, we can insure it.

A standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover a home if left vacant for non-residency, so it's important to have the right coverage for this situation. With the right coverage you can feel safe knowing that the buildings on the property will be covered while liability coverage can be added as well. 

A vacant home may be considered a high risk by most insurance companies and many will be unwilling to insure it, though Maheu Insurance has some companies that specialize in this type of insurance and we would love to insure it for you.


Give us a call or contact us Here to find out more about vacant home insurance policies.

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